Kids Reward Chart

So for a few weeks now, we have implemented a reward chart system for the kids and it has really been working.  Sure we have done things like this before but I think the psychology of how we have marketed it to the kids has really helped it stick.

Here is the  marketing spiel I told the Kids.

Kids, would you like exclusive access to the Princess and Prince Club? It’s a special club, where you get access to special prizes, exclusive invites to friends and family parties and days out! All you have to do is earn the title of Princess or Prince by collecting points and  earning rewards for good behaviour and looking after your things! How cool is that! 

Our kids jumped at the thought of this and love the idea of collecting their points. Lil Miss is developing a pre-teen attitude and  Lil Mr is in the throws of potty training so it’s working wonders. Now this may not work for every child,  it depends on their age and savviness to your parent white lies lol but it’s working for us at the moment.

To collect a prize they have to collect 6 points. Each point equates to one English pound so by the time they collect six points they will have enough to purchase a small toy that won’t break the bank and won’t clutter up the house. They also have the option to gather their points up and use it on items that are worth more.  It’s been a really great tool to teach them about the value of things and understand the concept of money.  For us, it was necessary to help curb the spending  on toys and things that are coming into the house for them, helps in making our lives easier.

We tend to give out points for extra good behaviour,  looking after their belongings and keeping up with their own personal hygiene practices.  Every child wants to be a Princess or a Prince right? Well instead of them thinking this title is owed to them we have said this has to be earned hence they need to join the club. Points are also taken away for bad behaviour so they can see that certain actions have consequences.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 00.14.49A beautiful mess photoScreen Shot 2016-04-18 at 00.14.49

We finally got round to creating a printable and the kids are even more in love.  Names go at the top, space to add extra stars by drawing or sticking them on. They love the fact that they can colour in the stars as they collect them. The kids can clearly see at the bottom of the chart that there is a reward at the end.

Here is the chart, perfect for any inspiring Prince or Princess. I will be laminating it so we can just wipe it clean each time, but it’s easy to reprint for each use.  If you would like to use our chart for your kids click the link below and you can download it for free.  I also created sperate sheets for Prince and Princesses on their own.

 Have you tried  your own reward chart or another system before how did it go? Let me know  in the comments or the gram.

Prince and Princess chartPrince and Pricess chart

Download My Free Kids Reward Chart Here


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