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Kids Reward Chart

So for a few weeks now, we have implemented a reward chart system for the kids and it has really been working.  Sure we have done things like this before but I think the psychology of how we have marketed it to the kids has really helped it stick.

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Starting a Capsule Wardrobe

So if you have been following our decluttering journey you will know that the Kon Mari method has had a profound effect on our home. In particular the clothing aspect, it really shows you the things you love and the things you do not wear, which has led me to really evaluate my wardrobe and delve into the wonders of the popular way of organising your wardrobe.  If you are looking for ways to make life a little easier in the wardrobe department then this is it.

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Makeup Must Haves

My wardrobe and makeup consists of five-minute options/routine as school runs are always a mad dash for us.  I try to keep my look classic and basic so I feel like I look put together and don’t look like I have rolled out of bed ( sometimes unavoidable lol)  I recently just purchased some refills, these items are my staples and I never switch out.  I think it is definitely important to have staples items in any mum’s collection of makeup and clothes collections to take some stress away from the morning routines with kids.

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How to fold clothes the KonMari way

Folding clothes can be such a boring job but it’s got to be done. Here is how to fold clothes the KonMari way.  

I’ve tried folding flat, rolling, not folding at all none of it really worked and after a week the clothes would be a mess again. This is by far the most efficeint technique of folding so its stands up. The drawers and clothes will always be neat and tidy-why? Removing clothes will never disturb the other clothes and the other clothes will remain untouched and still standing. It’s also great way to discover what clothes you want to discard after a few weeks you will quickly see what is worn often and item that never get touched. (Those are the clothes that don’t spark joy and you need to get rid of)

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How to keep your children’s room tidy

How to keep your children’s room tidy… I know right you must be thinking this is impossible or the answer is ‘just go around picking up after them every 5 minutes.’  If you have read our previous few blog posts you will know I have a new found love of organisation and have implemented the Kon-Mari method into keeping the house clean.

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How to set goals and really achieve them…. really!

How many times have you set a goal, went all guns blazing and then few weeks later feel deflated and lost the drive? We have all done it, and what have we done to ourselves after? Beat ourselves up and branded ourselves a failure and declared that we simply are not cut out for this.I’ve been there a few times, but now I know the key to breaking that cycle. Let me share with you.


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Take your make up off properly ladies

Well it’s not just for women  its great for women and men and great for your skin
Don’t worry I am not about to start posting loads of beauty posts. My beauty regime is simple not that deep lol. I am part of the 5 min mummy makeup crew. However I/we do like to share things for women and men that make like easier/better.

Clarasonic copy A Mr and Mrs Life
I thought I would share as I get alot of comments on my skin when I am out. My old routine included a quick baby wipe to the face (lol terrible don’t do this). But I would attribute my skin to making sure I always take my makeup off properly. I I have been using an electric face brush instead for few months with African black soap and I love it. My cheap one broke so I have replaced with this. No one round here is buying a Clarisonic up to £200 waaay too much money. I picked this up from Amazon UK and its pretty much identical for about £40. This isnt a rotating brush so you can use it daily.
We purchased something similar for our brother and he loves it also.
As we get older taking care of our skin is key. Do you have a skin care routine? Would love to know sharing is caring.



Declutter your home & mind


If you follow us on Instagram you will have seen the recent posts about decluttering your home and mind both of us have never been … really.. throws quote fingers up sarcastically” Domestic goddesses” We have been with each other since the age of 18  and we have pretty much been inseparable since then. So living in one room with each other from university/college/work life we have naturally accumulated a lot of things. We didn’t always have the best ethics in letting things go, as we have grown older and had children old habits did not die and we didn’t quite figure how to be tidy adults yet lol.

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Setting the tone with your kids


This is a first….. my two children playing TOGETHER with play dough. Normally we only bring out the magic dough when lil mr workout is asleep so lil miss can play in peace.

You see our son has a very fiery spirit he is still so young so and communication is not his strong point. This mainly leads to him to not listening to instruction very well, taking his sisters toys, crying fits on occasion.

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Change your perspective!

Because sometimes life is upside down like a handstand I work on it daily.
I have insecurities-I have a little too many treats sometimes – I’ve missed workouts- Some days I feel down- I love my family, my source of my happiness and both my madness sometimes lol. I am far from perfect or a super mother but I honestly do practice the things I say as best I can.

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