Let it go

Many of you may be wondering, where have I gone?  So I am writing a post because I like to write and get things down on paper (well computer screen) otherwise they are floating around in my head and they just keep floating around in my head and won’t go away. Much like when you go to bed and you think of a million and one things before going to sleep except mine is all day Hehe


Ideal blog writing scenario

Ok so picture me typing Doogie Howsy style right now (can you remember that show?) actually scratch that Carrie Bradshaw style by a beautiful picturesque window, typing and pondering my ever so brilliant thoughts in beautifully crafted designer heels and some thoughtfully put together outfit. (I miss that show) Actually scratch that you know I am all about the real. Really I’m typing on my HP laptop in quickly put together outfit (because it was clean) in my living area facing a wall trying to type ever so quietly while my adventurous 10 month old sleeps and my little princess is at nursery trying to get few moments peace and quite while avoiding that pile of dishes and pile of clothes that needs folding. What my reality looks like when trying to create a blog post of my jumbled thoughts, nowhere near as glamorous hehe.


Family fun at a recent trip to Peppa Pig world

What have I been doing in my time away. Enjoying my life, my children, my husband, my family and learning. Sometimes every now again you need to take a break, take a break from things that make you miss out on true beauty the beauty and wonder right in front of your face not through a phone/computer screen.


Another thing I have been doing is practising ‘letting it go’. No not that annoyingly catch song from Disney’s Frozen, no I’ve been letting things go from mind and body.

I have had a good old break from weight training as I said in my previous post on Instagram I want to train smarter not harder, so I think my body deserved a well-earned rest. I am always always always trying to improve on my knowledge to be the best trainer I can be so I can train optimally and get the best out of the workout for me and my clients. Actually not just for that fact alone, so my kids  and  especially can learn from me and not have to go through some of the annoying women’s problems we go through had we been taught correctly. For me that  has included learning more about optimal posture/alignment, more walks more stretching, more focus on proper core activation and more barefoot walking around. Will be back to weight training this week as I think my gym has got to be missing me, stretching and strengthening the whole body is important guys no one main area should be your focus it’s a balance of it all.

I have also been letting go of my tummy, ‘huh’ I can imagine you’re saying. Working on proper core activation I have noticed that I constantly walked around with my tummy muscles tighten actually not only walking around but even when sitting and I had to consciously say to myself’ let go of my tummy’. You’re probably thinking isn’t it good to keep your tummy clenched 24/7? Well, no! For your muscles/ body to work optimally your muscles need to be able to relax and tighten properly something that is rare in the modern-day from lack of movement and office jobs and serial TV watching etc. A muscle that is too tight (kept at a tension all the time) is only shortening the muscle and it cannot function to its best of its ability. I could go into a more in-depth science version but it good to keep things simple but Google is amazing thing if you want to learn more about your body. Keeping my tummy tight all time will only cause more dysfunction, letting my tummy go will relieve my core of the constant pressure on my core and allow for better core activation when it’s actually time for it do some real work. Now listen up working your core doesn’t just mean throwing in some ab crunches or planks daily, it’s much more than that, get to know the core muscles and learn how to fire them correctly for optimal heath. Note I don’t think I have done crunches in years and don’t intend not to more many more to come.

core 1core-muscles1


In the essences of letting things go, I want you to try letting it go to, let your tummy go stop sucking in all day in the long run in its better for correct core function.

Let go of the serial high heel wearing ladies I am a recovering high heel addict (a post for another day) cut a long story short it creates more problems in your posture and alignment.

Let go of the couch, get out do some  fun things with your family go for a family walk. Get up and move.

Try letting go a little of this modern-day infatuation with social media and all the devices. Don’t get me wrong understand its importance but just don’t make it your focus. Try letting go of Instagram/Facebook for a few day/weeks.

If you follow my Instagram you hear me talk a lot about ‘Loving the skin you’re in’ Try letting go of that annoying voice in your head that urges you to compare yourself to that famous bodybuilding competitor/über fit person you follow that posts a picture daily of their whatever % body fat they have at the time that makes you feel you aren’t going hard enough. Loving yourself is the first step, in reality these guys work damn hard and what you see requires a lot of meticulous planning and preparation and is often not ideal for optimal health. They most likely cannot function at such low body fats for a long period of time. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Instead strive for improvement not perfection, I know you have heard that cheesy line so many times but it’s true. Work your body towards optimal health because most of us aren’t in a competition that will arrive at the end of 12 weeks’ time of vigorous training you’re in that competition called LIFE.



Have a lovely blessed day all.


Mrs Workout







How Do You Find The Time For Fitness With Kids?

A Mr & Mrs Life Find the time for fitness with kids

This has to be a question that probably goes through every parents mind.  “How do you find the time for fitness with kids?”

It’s one of those questions that has you feeling bad about yourself when you see other parents doing it while you can’t muster up the energy to even begin.

Let’s face it being a parent to young children is tiring/trying/rewarding they need your constant love and attention to survive. You must be thinking how anyone in their right mind can even begin to think about their fitness and health and let’s not forget that pile of dishes that needs washing and the clothes that need folding over there.

Well for me I look at my life in a list of priorities, my children and husband are my first priorities and fitness and health comes a very close second. Why… because these are things that make me feel happy and bring me joy- that may not be the same for everyone. Exercise particularly gives me a boost in energy and mood it gives me that much needed me time, so when I have free time that is what I do, I work on my fitness. I also place importance on rest don’t push the body to do something it absolutely can not do if you are exhausted sometimes a power nap is what you need not 30 mins of high intensity workouts. Rest is part and parcel of my health and fitness regime that is why I don’t workout every single day for me its not necessary for my goals and would place my body under too much stress.

I don’t smoke and don’t drink, rather skip buying the latest shoes and handbag (something in my past I wouldn’t hesitate doing – was a total fashion junkie lol ) or spending lots of money at pubs and bars because at this time in my life I would rather invest in something more worthwhile- my health as it will serve me the longest. So I choose to spend that extra cash on prioritising my health and fitness. Don’t get me wrong every woman loves a bit of retail therapy of course but it doesn’t give the same thrill and benefits as exercising does, well not these days anyway. Well maybe going shopping for workout clothes that’s a good mix.

If fitness is not your priority right now that’s fine but ask yourself this what are your priorities in your life right now, could some of them be re-worked?. Things that you are spending your time and energy on are they nourishing you in the way that you want?

I don’t know anyone EVER who didn’t feel better after a great workout or didn’t enjoy the benefits of eating more healthy, but I bet you can remember the negative effects from some other choices you may have classed a priority before.

This is not me wagging the finger at you, it’s your life and I find the best way to lead it is do it what makes you ‘HAPPY’ for me happy is working out and keeping healthy. What make you happy?

I love this song! 🙂
Try this, it’s very simple and has been done before many times but a great simple task to do.

Make a list of the following things below, give each thing in the list a number out 10.  1 being really not happy with that area in your life, 5 being not bothered either way and 10 being so satisfied you couldn’t be happier how that part in your life is going. You will soon start to see pretty quickly the areas that may need a little focus and areas that you clearly have got a nice grove working. For me fitness is always one because I am constantly setting myself small goals and always want to continue to learn in that area.

  • Personal Growth
  • Spirituality
  • Career/Purpose
  • Relaxation
  • Friends & Family Relationships
  • Fitness & Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Finance

A Mr & Mrs Life Find the time for fitness with kids

So ok….. If you have recognised fitness as one of your priorities but still don’t have a clue how to find the time for fitness with kids.  Well it’s a learning curve and there will never be a hard and fast rule, optimal schedule or a secret trick. In our household we make it work and fit it in when we can. Some of the things we do that helps us.

  • Equipment at home
  • 24/7 gym memberships
  • Workout while the kids sleep
  • Involve the kids
  • Enlist the help of grandparents and sometimes aunties and uncles to sometimes baby sit
  • Tag team our gym workouts after each other
  • Plan the workout in advance to get maximum benefit in a short time frame

A Mr & Mrs Life Find the time for fitness with kids

If it’s important to you, you will find a way

That saying is so true if you really want to do something you will do it and you will do it by any means possible. That was definitely me back in the day when I wanted those awesome pair of heels that I would probably never wear lol. The way to look at finding the time for fitness with kids is not to class them as separate entities make fitness part of your lifestyle and with each day the task of adding it in will not be so daunting it just becomes second nature and something you love to do. Also know that this time in your children’s life where they need you a lot is only for a short period, it won’t always be this difficult to fit it in but it can be achieved. Make sure you involve your loved ones, have all avenues covered so when the opportunity arises you can grab it without both hands /dumbbells. Lol

I would love to hear from you all how do you find the time for fitness with your kids?

Workout While The Kids Sleep


Workout While The Kids Sleep

I am lover of the gym I design my workouts to get maximum benefit whether I be in the gym or at home. If you follow us you will know we are  busy parents of two and you know just like anyone else that sometimes you just can’t make it to the gym so what do you do…. workout while the kids sleep

Lil Mr Workout turned 8 months just over a week ago and has learnt to walk, has cut his two front teeth, recovering from a bout of chicken pox and not quite mastered the fine arts of sleeping through the night. Through all this development he is doing makes for some what of an interesting task  when you are trying to head out for an evening workout, we try plan our workouts in after the kids have gone to bed and we normally tag team alternate days.  I am sure you can imagine all this new development for an 8 month baby means much needed cuddle time with Mummy which calls for me to be close but…. alas I don’t want to have to stop training so while the kids slept Mr Workout and I got our workout on.

Here is my back and active rest workout, great for killing two birds with one stone when you are short for time and want to get your weight training done and cardio in for that day great for fat loss and working on sculpting those muscles and great workout while the kids sleep.

Make sure you warm up nicely to get the body warm and get the blood pumping to the muscles add in some dynamic stretches and pay close attention to the muscles you will be working.  Always make sure you do the  resistance move before the plyometric/ cardio move this way you can ensure  you put maxim effort in your lift.  If you don’t have a bosu ball that’s fine you can do body weight ( sssshh a secret  mine isn’t a bosu ball its actually a cheaper version I found from Amazon UK works just as well ) I am also using a Lerbert Equalizer as  a safer option as  a pull up variation  due to me having hernia surgery a few months back. You can make a make shift one but please ensure its stable. Or use a a resistance band on a pull up bar to assist you, Rubber Banditz its a great company but  there are loads if you search on Amazon or you can ask your partner to help you. If you are really feeling beast-mode use the pull up bar all on its own. ( Mentally high fiving you right now)  For the resistance/weight training moves I am using my York Fitness dial select dumbbells, you can use resistance bands? kettle bells, heavy water bottles or anything that will provide you resistance and be a challenge for you.

Each move I  did 4 sets 15 reps with no breaks in between the paired exercises after each set rest for 30  to 60 seconds.

Note…As you  see in the video I shouted ‘ I can row this!!!’ I surprised myself with a weight I didn’t think I could do for 15 reps so don’t forget to challenge yourself ( whilst being safe of course)

Inverted row ( Great regression for pull ups)

  • With feet on the stability dome ( This provides some extra instability to increase the intensity)
  • Grab hold of the bars and pull yourself up
  • Neutral spine as as always

Note: You can  use a pull up bar and just do assisted squat

Stability dome squat

  • Dome side down careful get on, use something to help you balance if needed
  • Arms out in form for balance thumb sups if you like as I have done it will help you activate your back to help squat
  • Upper thighs parallel to the ground as you sit back into the squat
  • Knees behind  toes
  • Back straight with a slight curve in lower spine
  • Chest up and  neutral spine
  • As you drive back up push the weight though your heels

Note: You can do a standard body weight squat if you like

Do each exercise after each other  rest and repeat till your sets are done

Double dumbbell arm row

This is a slight variation on a double arm row with a longer reach

  • Neutral spine- head and spine in alignment.
  • Bending at the waist
  • Draw the weight towards  your torso bending at the elbow keeping the upper arm parallel to floor
  • Don’t forget to breath out as you bring the weight up

Lunge  jump squat

  • Jumping one foot forward and the other back with a  bend in the knee
  • The forward  foot having knees behind toes
  • Spring back up bringing the feet to middle
  • Jumping out in to a low squat knees

Do each exercise after each other  rest and repeat till your sets are done

Single arm row

  • Neutral spine- head and spine in alignment.
  • Bending at the waist
  • Draw the weight towards  your torso bending at the elbow keeping the upper arm parallel to floor
  • Don’t forget to breath out as you bring the weight up
  • I have rested my hand on the equalizer for added stability but you can use a  hair or a bench if you have it

1 Leg on bosu  ball squat jump with

  • 1 leg in the stability dome and one on the ground explode off the ground as  you would normally do a jump squat
  • The upper legs should be parallel to the ground to get maximum benefit.
  • Ensure you knees are behind the toes.
  • When returning to the ground make sure those knees have  a soft bend
  • Put those hand out in from of you stabilise yourself it will also help for momentum

Do one arm and one leg  rest and do the other side.


  • With a  slight bend in the the knees, hips back and back straight.
  • Keeping your back and arms completely straight at all times
  • Use your hips to lift the dumbbell as you breath out

Squat jump on stability dome

  • Stability dome  facing up
  • Feet either side of the the dome jump up on to the dome
  • Soft bend in the knees as land in the middle of the dome
  • Push of the centre of the dome returning feet either side of the dome

Do each exercise after each other  rest and repeat till your sets are done

A great workout for your back and some cardio which will have the legs burning the kids were asleep so it made it at an extra challenge to keep the  jumps light footed lol try it out and let me know what you think, workout while the kids sleep;)

Workout move of the week-Curtsy lunge and Side lunge

This weeks move are some of my favourite exercises I like to do for my legs as I find them fun different. Great to spice up your leg routine and a great way to work the legs and glutes.

To do a curtsy lunge:

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart
  • Dumbbells either side of your legs
  • Core tight
  • Take a big step back with your leg, crossing it behind your other leg
  • Bend your knees and lower your hips until your right thigh is nearly parallel to the floor
  • Keep your back straight  and your hips and shoulders as square as possible
  • Repeat on the other side

To do a side lunge:

  • Stand with your feet hip width apart
  • Dumbbell cupped in between your hand
  • Core tight
  • Take a step to the side with one foot and bend at the knee try to get your leg at 90 degrees
  • Keep your back straight and your hips and shoulders as square as possible
  • Keeping your other leg straight with a soft bend in the knee if needed
  • Push through the heel of your bent leg to return to standing
  • Repeat on the other side

Check out the vid below

Have a blessed day
Mrs Workout

Why am I not achieving my fitness goals?

Why am I not achieving my goals? Why am I not seeing results?
Many people ask us this its simple folks!
Get Smart Eat Smart Train Smart  Be Consistent/commit
If you aren’t getting to where you want to be it could be one of  these factors or more are off kilter.

GET SMART That fad diet where you eat just cabbage or just drink shakes and no food or cutting carbs out of your life forever isn’t going to work long term. What happens when you finish the diet or you can’t afford to continue? Guess what, you stop progressing or even start to regress! A simple healthy balanced diet is what you need, one you can be consistent with and manage that’s why it’s called a lifestyle change.

Don’t blame your workout if your going home and under eating the body is designed to hold on to fat it’s main function is to want to survive and live and look after its internal organs. Losing weight and gaining muscle is low in the list of priorities for your body so  EAT SMART learn what your body needs. Same with over eating don’t think because you go beast-mode in the gym and eat whatever you want going way over your caloric intake and eating unhealthy foods that good results will still happen, it just isn’t going to.

Now if your diet is on lock, don’t think you can go gym one day a week and train max effort and all your results will come.TRAIN SMART you’ve got to put in real work. If your workout isn’t designed to get the results you want it’s not going to happen folks. Same goes for over training in the gym 7 days a week twice a day, this it isn’t going to cut it either if your not fuelling your body you will just end up tired, weak and in some cases sick because your body just can’t cope. A well balanced program with resistance training, cardio and flexibility training designed to help you reach goals is the way to go.

Now ‘sometimes’ some people can get food and training right but they still not getting there. BE CONSISTENT and COMMIT Choose a goal and set a plan to it and make it realistic and something that you can commit to stop starting and stopping with your healthy eating, stop changing your program stick with one to the end, consistency will get you results. Don’t go out and rush and buy a crazy insanity workout if you can’t even do a simply workout yet GET SMART  EAT SMART  TRAIN SMART be CONSISTENT/COMMIT.

We are all human and we fail. It’s how you deal with failure that counts. We personally often fall In this last category. But we are real with ourselves and so should you be. ‘Don’t be upset with the results you get with the work you didn’t do’

**** note If you feel you have all the areas covered and your still having issues perhaps speak to your health care provider or nutritionist you could have a deeper issue one example being metabolic damage

Weight training during pregnancy

Boy was I glad I stuck with my weight training during pregnancy.  My second pregnancy with my beautiful son was a total breeze, gained a healthy required amount of weight and I totally credit it to lifting through my whole pregnancy and eating healthy.

I know what you’re thinking if you have found your way to our site ‘ This chick is naturally slim and probably never puts on weight’  Wrong!  Yes I was naturally slim when I was younger and in my hay day a keen athletic participant as well as other sports.

A Mr & Mrs Life Weight training during pregnancy

However during my first pregnancy and the years leading up to my first child being born my diet mainly consisted of fried foods and chocolate. For a few years, my exercise habits had been attending gym randomly and wandering aimlessly around the gym mainly from cardio machine to cardio machine the jumping on a few weight training machines which I had no idea what it was actually doing for me.


So back to my first pregnancy,  I had  a relatively  good pregnancy well  good as to be expected. The normal things ladies complain about, back pain swelling etc.  The labour however was not so good but that’s a whole different story. My recovery after my first child was painful to say the least. After the pain had subsided months later it was only then I had noticed I gained unwanted pounds and didn’t look like myself -I had become so unfit over the years.


It was then my true fit life started and I began lifting weights and became a personal trainer. I had found a passion for lifting weights and discovered the fantastic benefits it brings in keeping you in shape and lean.

This year we found out we were pregnant with our second child. This time armed with knowledge and a qualification in pre and post natal fitness I was  determined to stay fit and healthy during this pregnancy and I was sure as hell going to keep lifting which is what I love.
A Mr & Mrs Life Weight training during pregnancy
There are a lot of misconceptions about women and weight training during pregnancy. I truly believe that lifting during pregnancy helps with many common ailments and postural and muscles imbalances that a pregnant women can suffer from. Well, I had none of that this time  round, I stayed consistent with my lifting and eating well and I felt like I had tons of energy throughout the whole pregnancy.  Not only did I not experience any back pain, swelling or put on any unwanted weight I managed to keep a hold of some of that nice muscle I earned.
Being consistent with my weight training during pregnancy also kept me strong I personally worked out 3 times a week and lifted pretty much the usual amount of weight I normally do all the way through until the last month. Why did I need to keep strong you ask, for that marathon of a task that is called labour.  This time around, I knew what I was in for knew about all the pain I was to endure and anticipated being ill for weeks after.


None of this happened, keeping strong with lifting during pregnancy made my labour go much faster this time. sure contractions still hurt like a b**ch but the pushing was so quick and calm and relaxed such a stark contrast to my first labour where I pushed for hours.  I delivered my beautiful child standing up in a semi-squat position yes that’s right a squat 😉

Get this, I was out of the hospital in a few hours and up and about like nothing had happened. I was back to exercising lighting within 11 days of giving birth and my bounce back of my body seems to be quite good so far to.


I cannot not recommend  weight lifting during pregnancy enough, not only will you look better but your recovery will be faster and it has obvious health benefits to you and your baby.

The general rule to exercising during pregnancy is if you did the activity before pregnancy it’s generally ok to carry on the same after you become pregnant modifying as the pregnancy continues if the  doctor has given you the ok to exercise. This can be applied to weight lifting during pregnancy by using common sense and the correct modifications to intensity and equipment used. see here for more  tips and advice to exercising during pregnancy


If you want to add weight training to your prenatal fitness and its new to you here are some tips to weight training during pregnancy if you think you need some extra help with a personalised program, inlist the help of a certified prenatal trainer in the gym.
  • Exercise 3-5 per week with resistance and cardio
  • Train each muscle group 2-3 time a week with sufficient rest days in between each workout to allow for recovery
  • 1-3 sets of each exercise allow enough rest between each set to recovery keep the range high at 12-15
  • Think about training all the major muscle groups. Legs chest back shoulders etc maybe pick about 8-10 exercises. You can do this as full body session or split into lower body upper body etc
  • ALWAYS use correct form and lift weight in a slow controlled manner
  • NEVER Hold your breath when performing any exercise
  • Exercise in a well ventilated room and drink lots of water

    Should you include weight training in your prenatal regime erm yes yes !!!!!

    * Please get your doctor’s approval before starting any exercise during pregnancy.

How soon after having my baby can I exercise?

How soon after having my baby can I exercise well…….. the general advise is 6-8 weeks after your postnatal check up with your doctor but as the saying goes everyone is different. If you haven’t had a C-section or you had uncomplicated delivery its OK to return to light exercise if your feeling well.  The rule is if you exercised through your pregnancy you can start at the intensity you finished with at the end of your pregnancy if you didn’t exercise during pregnancy you need to keep it light and work your way up gradually.

Safe exercises you can start as soon as 24hrs after delivery are pelvic floor exercises and appropriate abdominal exercises focusing on transverse abdominal exercises first and suitable rectus abdominal exercises once the deep transverse has been worked on.

Core exercises you CAN DO

Transverse exercises e.g
ABDOMINAL HOLLOWING ( hollowing can be preformed standing, seated or lying. Focus on bringing your naval towards your spine.)
LEG SLIDES (Focus on bringing your naval towards your spine no doming of the stomach should occur)
KNEE RAISES ( Lying on your back and as above)

Rectus abdominal exercises e.g
PELVIC TILTS ( Lying on your back)

Core exercises to AVOID  before  6-8 weeks

NO CRUNCHES (You don’t want to create any dooming this will further increase diastasis recti)
NO EXERCISES IN 4 POINT KNEELING POSITION( There is a small risk of air entering the raw placental site and causing illness)
NO PLANKS (As above, also as the core muscles are not yet that strong the increased weight from your organs can cause additional stress on you abdominals that are trying to repair it self)


Light cardiovascular work such as walking can be undergone if your feeling well.  A good range to keep your heart rate is 50/70% MHR or light to somewhat heart and working up a sweat if you don’t have a heart rate monitor. Try and stay away from high intensity exercises that vigorous in the early weeks as the pelvic floor will still be very weak  also the effects of the hormone relaxin are still in your system so its much more easier to get an injury and pull something.
Don’t underestimate the power of walking it will get you at the house and you and baby can get some fresh air. If you like to use machines or do other activities to do your cardio, stick to machines/activities that are low impact. However if you do use machines such as the cross trainer for example be aware that this machine requires activation of the core muscles and  if you don’t have good control of it yet you can have some issues with over rotation movements with your core. With the cross trainer good form must be used as not to cause and joint injuries.

Resistance Training

Resistance training can be undergone once core muscles have been regained, as I said before everyone is different and depending on your core strength during pregnancy you may gain control quicker. Even though you may be eager to return to exercise please remember to exercise with caution and to select the exercises carefully. When resistance training you will almost certainly be using your core to help you during some part of the exercise that’s why its very important to make sure these are strong before starting formal exercise. You could be doing more damage than good if you don’t know what your doing and your not activating your core during each exercise.
Again the hormone relaxin will still be lingering in your body especially if your breast feeding so its much easier to gain injury as the ligaments and joints are loose. Therefore working in the higher rep range is beneficial to start with so your not working your muscles to complete failure.

Above all listen to your body, there is no race and you don’t have to be in competition with anyone. Every woman you come across will have different levels of fitness and will return to exercise at their own pace. If anything is hurting or doesn’t feel right stop, if you notice an increase in bleeding that’s a good sign to slow things down. If your eager to return to exercise why not visit the doctors earlier and see if they will give you a quick check up to go ahead.

Have a blessed day Fit mama’s

Pregnant posture part 2

To continue on from last weeks on post on posture in pregnancy, just a quick look at #kyphotic posture that can occur in pregnancy and in women with larger breasts or men who over train chest for example. It is the curvature in the spine at the top which can cause the chest to be weak and give a hunch look and tighten the back muscles giving upper back pain as well as other pains. The Kyphotic induced posture can occur in pregnancy  due to the increase in larger chest size that is getting ready for the birth of you baby for obvious reasons ;).

How you want to go about correcting that and alleviating  pain ( as I have often found myself hunching these days) is stretching the chest and working on exercising your upper back muscles and shoulders which help to open up your chest and correct this. Due to continuing with my weight training  during pregnancy this has almost certainly helped me with those annoying pains.   I love working on my back at the gym I do things like pull downs, seated rows, single arms  rows. But if your home or new to exercising whilst exercising check out the pics for some ideas to work the upper back and shoulders at home.

When training its necessary to create a balanced program and not over work one muscles.  Before pregnancy I didn’t do a terrible lot of benching exercises as women have the extra weight in the chest it can  increase this rounded posture so I kept my chest exercises in mind of that.


Pregnant Posture

During pregnancy you can be effected by Hyperlordosis. This is the over curvature of the spine due to the increase in weight in the abdomen. This doesn’t just effect just pregnant ladies can happen to anyone with excess weight in the front. If your finding yourself with back pain, hip and even sometimes knee pain this could be one of the reasons why. Of course the magic hormones in pregnancy are a lot to blame. Certain muscles can get tight due to this i.e. your back and hip flexors and in doing so you abs and hamstrings and glutes will get weak. Ways to combat this is to stretch your hip flexors (pictured above nice modified version for preggos you can use a chair for support) stretch your lower back (check the net for safe back stretches) Exercise your abs and your deep core muscles/ use exercise to strengthen them and don’t do crunches of course I like belly breathing 😉 and strengthen your hamstrings and glutes. Continuing with my weight training and squatting throughout has helped so much. If you are further along you can just do body weight squats and straight leg deadlifts for e.g Also focus on posture and get your body in neutral peeps see pictures and don’t get stuck in a chair all day it can often promote bad posture.

Remember to keep your tummy button in towards your spine to reduce the pressure of your organs and baby on you abs

Buying coconut oil? Choose carefully


Unwilling to part with expensive prices. We had been using the cheap coconut oil on the right. We decided to start cooking with coconut oil because coconut oil is one of the few oils that is not damaged when heated to temperatures used in cooking, frying, and baking. Corn, soy, sunflower, canola, and safflower oils undergo detrimental changes when heated to cooking, frying, or baking temperatures . It smelt yummy to when opened while the cheaper one had no smell.

Refined Coconut Oil: A refined coconut oil is usually rather tasteless and odourless. Because it has been refined, it can usually withstand slightly higher cooking temperatures before reaching its smoke point. Refined coconut oils are excellent for cooking foods where you need lots of clean, pure, malleable fat without a dominating coconut flavour. (Think pie crusts or french fries.) Refined coconut oils do not offer the same health benefits of a virgin, completely raw coconut oil, but they are still excellent sources of most of the beneficial fatty acids. Things to watch out for: not all refined coconut oils are alike! Most are refined using a chemical distillation process dependent on lye or other harsh solvents, or they’re made from the rancid oil by products leftover from creating desiccated (dry) coconut flakes. Sadly, these are refined, bleached, and deodorized in an effort to create a palatable product that can be sold to consumers. Many coconut oils are even hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated! (Avoid these at all costs as the hydrogenation process creates synthetic trans-fats.) coconut without the addition of any

Unrefined Coconut Oil An unrefined coconut oil is typically labelled “virgin” or “extra-virgin.” In general, though, virgin and extra-virgin coconut oils are made from the first pressing of fresh, raw coconut without the added chemicals. Source : http://www.foodrenegade.com/how-to-choose-a-good-coconut-oil


Belly pouch ?!?

Pregnant and non-pregnant ladies, do you have an issue with your belly protruding or wondering how to work your core during pregnancy?


Before and during pregnancy you have heard me say I rarely work abs in the traditional way. I don’t think I will ever do a full ab crunch again to be honest.  As I have gained more knowledge I have come to understand the belly pouch I had after my first pregnancy was diastasis recti. Not everyone gets this and there are certain ways to train it correctly check out the video  by befitmoms on you tube to see one of the exercises I do.

What is your level of fitness? Everyone is different

At the beginning stages of pregnancy I did do things like planks and press up more often. If you see me do it now it’s for a very minimal period of time. I had a very strong core and if you are going to attempt these planks and press-ups please ensure you’re strong enough to do it and you have full control of your core muscles to hold up baby. I have said before in previous posts, pregnant or not  if you’re not drawing your belly button in towards your spine the exercise is redundant and you could be causing more damage especially in pregnancy with the growing weight in your abdomen you are putting extra stress there. So control it ladies or don’t do it.

I would also not recommend isometric contraction during 2nd/3rd trimester due to the fact it can raise blood pressure or abdominal trauma by falling due to fatigue so if your finding it hard don’t just push through the pain during pregnancy workouts trying to plank pick a regression for the plank (shown in previous post)

So ladies and a few men if you’re doing all the abs exercises in the world and its not’s working out for you do some research no need to crazy ab exercises DO the right exercises and as they say eat clean and clear up those gut issues.  Things like belly breathing is a good place to start. Even getting up out of bed the wrong way can be detrimental. Google away folks

Knowledge is power, I don’t know everything but learning more and  more each day and want to be a  PT who shares my success and help people reach goals not charge for every bit knowledge I pass on to you. Have a blessed day guys.


Do you really know what your eating?

Just an insight to why we use our protein shakes we use and not any other brands out there. We are not experts in nutrition but on our health journey have tried many products and learnt a thing or two about the ones we should avoid.  We urge everyone to research what that are ingesting and question its origin. Please don’t just assume these product are healthy because they are labelled so and have great marketing. Many of these products are the source of illness and cancers.

These protein shake companies have products filled with things we can’t even pronounce not to mention where the origin of where the products derive from. Some of the products ingredients have manifested from unnatural sources and places where you couldn’t imagine and not even fit for human consumption.

We are not perfect and still working on removing these things from our diet they are hidden in lots of everyday food so it can be very difficult to get away from it. 

One example of a nasty ingredient is SACRULOSE an artificial sweetener its quite common ingredient.

For example, there are reports of the following after eating sucralose:

  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Seizures, dizziness and migraines
  • Blurred vision
  • Allergic reactions
  • Blood sugar increases and weight gain

We counted one health protein shake have over 15 or more ingredients of what we are not really sure they are and it could take a whole day of researching. If we personally are going to use an artificial product that’s not in its natural form we try and use ones with as less ingredients as possible and ones we know of.   Here are the shakes we use.
7 Ingredients listed all natural sources
1 Ingredient listed good old fashioned hemp

If your interested in real clean eating and tidying up your nutrition and a more natural approach to life do some research. Check out our friends Facebook Page The Naturally You Coach  her website here.
Also this Facebook page has some good articles about natural health Lean Fit


Think of it this way, natural products derived straight from the earth are naturally in tune with your body and manmade products just aren’t in sync thus manifesting it self in abnormalities in your bodies though ailments and disease that you are unaware of that look like common sickness.  Its entirely up to you what you decide to put in your bodies but we are aspiring to get to a place where we are living a fit, healthy natural life.
Have a blessed day Fit Fam
Mr & Mrs Workout




Pregnancy Ab exercises

AB exercises

This is how I work my Ab’s during pregnancy need to remember to do it more often, before pregnancy I rarely worked hard on my abs anyway tried to focus on nutrition and more core strengthening exercises no big crunching the more research I did on Diastasis Recti the more I found out traditional ab exercises make the mummy pouch as the call it stick out more so avoid like the plague.

Pictured are Leg slides, belly breathing technique, and the bottom pic is belly breathing whilst holding your tummy to help lessen the ab separation. 

Draw your tummy button in towards your spine whilst breathing normally as your core gets stronger you can do this for longer and longer I sometimes do it through the day without even noticing. Use this anytime through the day bending over picking up your kids house work it helps correct your posture to.

Notice how much smaller my tummy looks when its drawn in, my stretch marks are form my first pregnancy so far haven’t received any new ones I wear them with pride though. I have been using Mama mio cream and oil.
AB seperatation

Is it safe to use protein powder during pregnancy?

 Look at it this way protein powder is just food in a supplement form its quite safe however note some contain many additives and things you just don’t really want to add to your diet unnecessarily. I personally use MRM as its an all natural whey and its free from additives and is very low in calories etc I’m not sponsored by them its just what I like to use.  

Where possible its always best to get your protein intake from wholefoods I only use the shakes for before and after workout. Many women find it a life saver during morning sickness because they can’t keep foods down.

Most women who workout whilst pregnant take some kind of protein shake or maybe opt for a more friendly option like vegan kinds. When selecting a protein shake please read the labelling and research all the ingredients.

General rule for clean eating is if you can’t pronounce the ingredients don’t buy it and the fewer the ingredients the better. 

Please talk to a nutritionist or your doctor if your really unsure and want to double check as you may have special dietary needs and you may have intolerance to certain ingredients.


Mrs- Is My Body the Correct PH Level?….Confused face

On my journey on the road to health and fitness I have come across many things I didn’t know before.

Last week I stumbled along my latest find that I really was not aware of.

Through trying to Eat Clean I had inadvertently caused some new problems by not eating a balanced diet.

How can that be I thought I’m eating the right macro nutrients of carbs/protien/fats how could I be getting this wrong.

Well I was! Obviously in addition to those three essential nutrients I was also adding my fruit and vegetables but not nearly enough.

By eating too much of these and not balancing it out correctly with vegetables etc I caused my body to become too acidic and this came out in my body in the form of being overly tired headaches, shooting/ache feeling in my leg and a small mouth ulcer. At first I thought it was possible a reaction to reducing my sugar intake or lack of iron but someone highlighted to me that it was clear to see that my body was far too acidic and I needed to get it back to the right PH by eating alkaline foods.

I quickly  purchased some PH testing strips which were fairly cheap and checked out the list below to see how I could change this.

Why is it bad for your body to be too acidic?

All of us strive for balance in our daily lives, our emotions, our habits-and yet balance can be difficult to achieve in the modern world. The same is true with the biochemical system in our bodies. Just like every other carbon based life form on the planet, the human bloodstream maintains a PH (potential hydrogen)balance. We like to be slightly alkaline, with a PH of 7-7.5 optimally.
What does this have to do, you ask, with our diet? Well, what we eat intimately effects the acid-alkaline balance in our bodies. This has been known since at least the 1930’s. Unfortunately, our modern diet, high in very acidic foods like meat, white flour, sugar, soft drinks and coffee, not to mention extremely acidic substances like prescription medications and artificial sweeteners, has changed the PH balance of most of our bodies, the results of which, many naturopaths and nutritionists believe, can be seen in higher than average amounts of cancer, chronic yeast infections, diabetes, poor digestion,depression, impaired immunity, joint pain, osteoporosis, weight gain, and even heart disease. Think about it— acid is not healthy for most living things, it tends to eat through things quickly. In our bodies acid leaches minerals from our bones and organs by reducing our inherent buffering system, it kills digestive enzymes in our small intestines, screwing up our metabolic processes, and it increases free radical growth leading to an increase in cancer cells.


Now I’m not suggesting everyone go out and purchase PH testing strips or to be really worried but it is a message to encourage you to eat a more REAL balanced diet not doing so can cause unnecessary problems which can easily be avoided .  Why not check the food list below and see if the majority of your diet is in the acidic group or alkaline.

Check out the links

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